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Newsletter   18 October 2023

The bombing of Al Ahli hospital in Gaza yesterday evening was the most horrific war crime any of us could have imagined.

At the last count, 500 were known to have been killed by this barbaric strike at a hospital where children, doctors, the wounded and displaced were sheltering.

This is an historic moment in Israel's genocidal war on the Palestinian people and we recognise the deep anger and pain that many of us will be feeling at this moment.

We urge you to channel that grief and fury into action.

1) Write to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

His government's full and unequivocal support has enabled these war crimes. Template email below.

2) Visit our daily Stall for Gaza in Hastings Town Centre

Our volunteers are showing commitment, love and solidarity with the people of Gaza every single day. Please help out if you can by coming to the stall one day this week between 12 noon -1pm even if it's for just a short period. Trust us - every person makes a difference. We are finding an incredible amount of support from passers-by. We've had some great conversations of support, some very generous donations, and in just a few days we've received about 200 petition signatures on our petition to MP Hart.

3) Join the Rally for Gaza on Friday at 6pm in Robertson Street, Hastings Town Centre. Facebook event page.

Bring your voices, banners, flags and speeches so we can show our love and solidarity for the people of Gaza from the heart of Hastings, and express our shame and rage at our leaders for allowing this to happen.

4) Join the March in London on Saturday

There has never been a more important or urgent time to show up for Palestine. If you can, go to London on Saturday. The details are on our Facebook event page. Tell your friends and family. Urge everyone you know to be there. We must send a message to our government, the world and the people of Palestine.

  • Donate: Al-Mawasi.     Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

  • Much of the 'information' in the corporate media is misleading, quite often found to be fabricated. Some useful sources: Middle East Eye.    Electronic Intifada.    Middle East Monitor.

    Western media's parroting of official lies is paving way to genocide in Gaza Useful article by Jonathan Cook. He writes of Western journalists: "They are ill-equipped to think from the point of view of the occupied, of the oppressed - and if by some miracle, they did manage it, they would not survive long in Britain's state broadcaster, or in the billionaire-owned, advertising-driven press." Article here.

    MP Sally-Ann Hart - Condemn Israel's war crimes and call for an immediate ceasefire

    In just 4 days we collected 200 signatures calling on the local MP to speak out. A small delegation went to hand in the petition yesterday. The MP wasn't present and none of her staff wanted to talk with us, but we handed in the petition nonetheless.

    Hart has said that Israel's actions against the people of Gaza are 'proportionate.' There is nothing 'proportionate' about withholding water, food and electricity from a civilian population, including 1 million children. There is nothing 'proportionate' about bombing trapped civilians.


    To be sent via this form: Contact Number 10

    Dear Rishi Sunak,

    Your unequivocal support for Israel has given a green light for them to commit war crimes in Gaza against the Palestinian people.

    On top of bombing schools, striking fleeing civilians, destroying whole neighbourhoods, places of worship, UN facilities and medical facilities, they have now bombed a hospital compound where thousands were sheltering for safety.

    At the last count 500 were believed to have been murdered in this barbaric attack.

    That number is sure to rise.

    At the same time, an 'unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe' unfolding in the whole of the Gaza to 2.3 million people, including 1 million children, as they run out of food, water and fuel.

    Your failure to demand restraint, a ceasefire or a humanitarian corridor has made you and your government complicit in war crimes against the Palestinian people.

    History will never forget this.

    You have failed all of us.

    You have failed humanity.



    Updates from Al-Mawasi, Gaza

    We have been in constant contact with our friends in Al-Mawasi. The situation is catastrophic. Many of the friends we have made have moved out and are staying in makeshift shelters. We have updates here.

    Establish a formal twinning link with Al-Mawasi in Gaza

    Over the past 2 years we have collected hundreds of signatures from people in Hastings who would like to have a formal twinning link between Hastings and Al-Mawasi. Now is the time to make that happen. If you would like Hastings Councillors to vote at the next council meeting to establish a formal twinning link with Al-Mawasi in Gaza please sign and share the online petition.

    This simple, public gesture of solidarity can remind everyone of our shared humanity at this darkest of times.

    The online petition is here. Paper petitions are available at our information stalls or email Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi. More information on our website.


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