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Newsletter   20 July 2023

Childhood and Imagination under Apartheid

With Amneh Mahemeed Zaid Al Kelani
Monday 24 July 6 pm

The Common Room, 27-29 Cambridge Road, Hastings TN34 1DJ

We are thrilled to welcome children's author Amneh Mahemeed Zaid Al Kelani to Hastings. A former teacher, Amneh will be discussing education and the importance of children's literature under apartheid.

She will bring her experiences directly from the West Bank city of Jenin which has been the subject of several brutal assaults by Israeli forces this year alone.

She will share her insights into the daily difficulties and challenges presented by the apartheid regime in educating and inspiring the next generation.

The meeting is free to attend. After the meeting, guests are invited to join us for a vegetarian meal (at the Common Room) exclusively prepared by Chef Momo. The price is £10 per person - please email us: Hastings and Rye PSC if you wish to stay for the meal.

More information at our Facebook Event Page. Amneh is touring the UK with other Palestinian women as part of the Building Hope, Voices from Palestine tour organised by CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association).

Emergency Protest: Hastings Stands With Jenin

Thanks to everyone who came to support our rally and vigil in support of the people of Jenin - especially as it was at such short notice.

The words of Freedom Theatre of Jenin director Mustafa Sheta were read out describing the Israeli attacks on the camp; we heard of the links we made between Hastings and the Freedom Theatre when it visited us in 2015; there was a reading of the poem 'Rivka' by Mohammed El Kurd, followed by personal testimony of the El Kurd family's dispossession by settlers; facts were given showing the major political, economic and military support given to Israel by the US, UK and the west; we showed how the Palestinian liberation struggle can be supported by backing the call for BDS; we spoke the names of the four children who were killed by the Israeli military; followed by two minutes' silence.

Thanks to everyone who signed our giant letter to MP Hart condemning Israel's escalation of violence against the Palestinian people. The collection we made for the Freedom Theatre came to £70.30, later topped up by us to £120.

The photos we posted on social media were picked up throughout the world, including by news agencies in Palestine. 'Palestine Online' and 'Women For Palestine,' both based in Gaza started to copy the photo (left). So did the Palestinian Quds News Network, which is a large international agency. It must mean a lot for Palestinians, under occupation, under siege - and in the diaspora - to know that there are people who are on their side, who support them, who haven't forgotten them.

Why the Western media lied about Israel's Jenin siege: Article here.
Gideo Levy - Jenin's Children Will Never Forget: Article here.
Amid Jenin destruction, Palestinians mobilize with acts of solidarity: Article here.

Swim With Gaza

Saturday 26 August 4 pm
St Leonards beach (more details to follow)

Since 2007 the people of Gaza have been imprisoned under siege. They have no parks, no mountains, no valleys. But they have the sea. Let's join them in the sea for a solidarity swim.

It will not only be Hastings/St Leonards joining them - we've had commitments from South Africa, Marseille, Kuala Lumpur, Ireland, Florida, Mexico, Chile, Norway, London (they might be heading for Hampstead Heath), Spain, Jerusalem/Al Quds, Jenin, Lisbon, Bethlehem, Acre/Akka, Maine, Rio de Janeiro, Victoria British Columbia, Norway and of course Gaza.

We're hoping that as many people as possible can head down to St Leonards for our solidarity swim - perhaps we can replicate this. We have arranged for a drone camera to film the event. The location will be announced shortly. Swim With Gaza website. We also hope to raise funds to let underprivileged youngsters in Gaza have swimming lessons.

Dates for your diary (more information to follow)

  • 9 September. Asa Winstanley, author of 'Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn.' Publisher's website.
  • 16 September. Meeting with a delegation from the Shu'fat Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem/Al-Quds. Shu'fat Refugee Camp.

    "Eyad al-Hallaq was murdered while he was helpless and frightened to death. He was the most innocent victim in the world"

    It's OK to shoot Palestinians apparently - if you're an Israeli, that is. Israeli Border Police officer Elior Yakov shot Eyad al-Hallaq in cold blood. An Israeli court has dismissed charges against Yakov.

    Eyad al-Hallaq was autistic, in Eyad's case he 'had the mental age of an eight-year-old.' He wasn't armed. And he wasn't endangering anyone. 'When he was shot to death, he was already lying down, wounded, in a trash enclosure, bleeding from a bullet that hit him in the stomach. Not only was he murdered in cold blood, but he knew he was being executed, and in his own way begged his murderer to spare his life.'

    At the court case, it was stated that somehow the police couldn't find any video footage. Despite the fact that East Jerusalem is one of the most intensely surveilled cities in the world, with CCTV cameras on every street corner. Strange that.

    Iyad al-Hallaq: Israeli court acquits officer charged with killing autistic man: Article here.
    All of Us Are Living in Fear. That Is Eyad al-Hallaq's Revenge: Article here.

    Information stalls

    Our stalls are every Saturday 12.00 noon until 2 pm (weather permitting) in the town centre. Please pay us a visit. Apart from a range of leaflets, pamphlets and stickers, we have keffiyehs from Hirbawi in Hebron, a range of T-shirts and Palestinian flag umbrellas. We also have handicrafts from the Shu'fat Refugee Camp.

    More news:

    EU Parliament Supports ICC's Investigation Into Israel's 'War Crimes' in West Bank: Article here.

    Palestinians removed from Jerusalem home to make way for Israeli settler takeover: Article here.

    Settlers Invade Private Land. The Palestinian Owners Are Arrested. Another Illegal Outpost Is Born: Article here.

    'The escalation is frightening:' Jerusalem Christians fear for their future: Article here.

    MAP providing bulletproof vests and helmets to PRCS emergency teams amid recurrent attacks on health workers: Article here.

    UN told Israel turns Palestinian territory into outdoor prison: Article here.

    Norway, Oslo and the Palestinians: A rotten history: Article here.

    The Israeli army has reportedly killed more than 55 journalists in the occupied Palestinian territory since 2000: Article here.

    Gaza's power cuts leave Palestinians sweltering amid rising temperatures: Article here.

    The high price Arab-Jews paid for the Zionist project (review of Avi Shlaim's memoir): Article here.

    'So proud:' Heba Saadieh, the first Palestinian World Cup referee: Article here.

    Ramzy Baroud: Should the PA be boycotted by those who support the Palestinian struggle for freedom?: Article here.

    Israel approved record number of housing units in illegal settlements: Article here.

    4 out of 5 Palestinian children detained by Israel are beaten: new report finds: Article here.

    Palestine's Swimming Team Win Six Medals, Including Four Gold, in Arab Sports Games: Article here.

    Israeli Water Company Reduces Water Supply to Hebron, Bethlehem: Article here.

    IHRA: International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as 'antisemitism:' Article here.

    UK Home Office denies Palestinian children entry visas for Bolton visit: Article here.

    An A-Z guide for a cup of coffee in Gaza: Article here.

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