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Hastings and Rye Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Newsletter   28 April 2022
  In this newsletter we have...
  • Walk & Cycle Fundraiser.
  • Meeting: Building friendship links with Palestine.
  • Information stalls.
  • London demonstration: End Apartheid - Free Palestine!
  • Ceilidh for Palestine (Canterbury).
  • Support for Lowkey against censorship.
  • Protect the right to boycott.
  • Al-Aqsa mosque, and more......

    Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi: Fundraiser Walk and Cycle

    We raised £1490.15 for the Al-Mawasi community centre, which will go towards the installation of an internet connection and the purchase of computer equipment. We would like to thank everyone who contributed - and of course everyone who took part.

    The fundraiser received an amazingly warm reception from people in Hastings as we handed out leaflets and collected money on the route. And we were joined by cyclists of the Big Ride For Palestine who cycled 40 miles from Lewes, 40 miles being the distance of the length of the wall which Israel have built surrounding Gaza, blockading people in Al-Mawasi, and everywhere else in Gaza. Short video.

    Building friendship links with Palestine: Meeting: 2.30pm Saturday 30th April at the White Rock Hotel TN34 1JU (opposite Hastings pier)

    Since October we have been getting to know people in Al-Mawasi through our weekly English lessons, WhatsApp conversations and shared photos and videos. We have met the inspiring organisers who run the community centre that local people built for themselves; we've met fishermen, nurses and bloggers, and students and graduates who are aspiring to be engineers and teachers; we've met parents and seen their children's art work and singing; we've seen pictures of their fishing boats and football teams and children's fun days.

    We hope more people from Hastings will be able to join our twinning project to offer direct support and solidarity to this community which literally lives under siege. Please try to make this Saturday's meeting for an opportunity to get involved. More information.   Facebook event.

    Information stalls

    We now have a range of keffiyehs from Hirbawi in Hebron, Palestinian flag umbrellas and a supply of T-shirts. In addition of course we have pamphlets, leaflets and publications about Palestine and apartheid Israel, also Free Palestine badges and Boycott Apartheid stickers. Sometimes we even have music! Please pay us a visit. We're always happy to have members and supporters to visit or stay and help. Every Saturday 12.00 noon until 2 pm (weather permitting) in the town centre near Millets.

    National demonstration and march: END APARTHEID - FREE PALESTINE!
    Saturday 14 May 2022. Assemble 12 Noon Portland Place, by the BBC, London

    Demonstrate against 74 years of Nakba. 74 years ago, Zionist forces ethnically cleansed and eradicated over 500 villages and cities in Palestine, displacing over 750,000 Palestinians, and taking over 78% of the land of historic Palestine. Known as the Nakba, or catastrophe in Arabic, this forced displacement was the basis for the foundation of the Israeli state.
    Facebook event page.

    Ceilidh for Palestine
    Saturday 14 May, 7:30pm

    Westgate Hall, Westgate Hall Road, Canterbury CT1 2BT. Join South East Kent Palestine Solidarity Campaign for an Irish and Palestinian cultural celebration commemorating al-Nakba and resilience. "Ceilidh Tree's ace fiddles and amazing caller are guaranteed to get you dancing. Plus Palestinian dabke with amazing all-women Hawiyya Dance Troupe." Tickets available here.

    Lowkey says he will 'not be silenced on Palestine' after push to remove him from Spotify

    The campaign by Israel lobby groups to take much of Lowkey's music off of Spotify has been opposed by a massive fightback against this attempt at censorship. The campaign to support musician, pro-Palestinian and political activist Lowkey has grown to the extent that the petition 'Spotify: Do not buckle to pressure from the Israel lobby to deplatform Lowkey' has gained more than 43,000 signatures. Supporters include well known figures from academia, media, music and journalism such as Ilan Pappé, Noam Chomsky, Maxine Peake, Julie Christie, John Pilger, Roger Waters, UB40, Primal Scream, Cornel West (and about 150 other well-known personalities!). Petition here.

    Lowkey lists some of the lobby groups that have been trying to censor him and the groups that have been trying to stop him from talking at universities, including the use of the pro-Israel IHRA definition: George Galloway interviews Lowkey.

    Protect the right to boycott

    The UK Government wants to prevent public bodies from making boycott, divestment or sanctions decisions that arent in line with its foreign and economic policies. In advance of the Government's "anti-boycott bill," PSC along with 45 civil society groups has published a statement in defence of our collective right to boycott in campaigns for social and climate justice. UK civil society groups urge government to halt 'anti-boycott' bill.
    Protect the right to boycott statement.


    The Human Cost of the Conflict

    On April 3rd the Israeli military shot and killed 14 year old Qussai Fuad Hamamra as he was walking back home from the local mosque in Husan village, west of Bethlehem. This is not far from where Israeli soldiers killed 48 year old widowed mother of 6 Ghada Ibrahim Ali Sabateen. There has been an increase in Israeli murders of Palestinians recently, particularly of children. Since this article was published there have been more murders: Hanan Mahmoud Khdour (pictured left), aged 18, was on her way to school when she was shot with a live round in the abdomen after the Israeli army invaded Jenin city.

    On Tuesday the Israeli military forces shot dead Ahmad Ibrahim Oweidat, during an Israeli special force military raid into the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp south of Jericho. Only 20, Ahmad had a full life ahead of him until Israeli soldiers took it away. Every single Palestinian life is precious - yet Israel continues to kill Palestinians with full impunity.

    Al-Aqsa Mosque: Israeli raids and incursions explained

    For weeks now we have shown on our social media shocking footage from the Al-Aqsa complex. Israeli forces, settlers and high-profile politicians have repeatedly raided the mosque. The Israeli military has attacked hundreds of worshippers, fired rubber bullets and sound grenades into the mosque. They smashed the historic stained-glass windows of the mosque's Qibli prayer hall. This article gives the background to these attacks.

    In Gaza, an application languishes, and a toddler dies

    "Jalal al-Masri and his wife spent eight years and their life savings on fertility treatments in order to have their daughter, Fatma. When she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in December, they waited another three months for an Israeli permit to take her for treatment outside the Gaza Strip. The permit - after 6 attempts - never came. The 19-month-old died on March 25." Article here.

    Tracy-Ann Oberman pays substantial damages and publishes apology in antisemitism libel claim

    Tracy-Ann Oberman has issued an apology and agreed to pay "substantial damages" after accusing an academic of using an online tool to block Jewish people from interacting with him. Anthropologist and Middle East specialist Dr Philip Proudfoot - who is a research fellow at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex - launched a libel claim against Oberman, claiming her allegation caused serious harm to his reputation, particularly given his status as a prominent academic. Article here.

    While the Israel lobby and its supporters have continued to attack Palestine solidarity activists, there have been numerous cases of victories with damages paid and apologies made such as: former MP Ian Austin apologises and pays £40k damages,   Marc Wadsworth secures full apologies and substantial libel damages,   BBC admits 'anti-Semitism' claim against Jackie Walker was false,   Jewish Chronicle to pay damages over anti-Semitism libel,   IPSO finds against Jewish Chronicle for smearing Jewish councillor, and Jewish Chronicle pays 'substantial' libel damages.

    At the moment Mike Sivier is preparing a High Court libel defence against Rachel Riley. This is his Crowdfunder.

    More news:

    Deir Yassin makes a mockery of Israel's "never again" pledge the Deir Yassin massacre on 9 April 1948: Article here.

    Palestinian Students Hold Sit-in in Support of Ahmad Manasra, Palestinian Child Prisoners: Article here.

    Palestine Action: Resisting imperialism from within: Article here.

    Sorry, Keir Starmer, but only in a world of 'alternative facts' is Israel not guilty of apartheid: Article here.

    Jonathan Cook: Amnesty apartheid report: The walls protecting Israel are finally crumbling: Article here.

    Syria shoots down Israeli missiles launched from the occupied Golan Heights: Article here.

    Israel renews closure of 28 Palestinian NGOs in occupied East Jerusalem: Article here.

    Harvard Law School 'apartheid' report leaves Israel's defenders speechless: Article here.

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