Yonatan Schapira, a former Israeli Air Force Captain, stating that Israel is committing mass War Crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead

Long Live Palestine - LowKey
LowKey is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. LowKey says "Nothing is more anti-Semitic than Zionism."

'Mr.Obama, what is barbaric?'
Moving speech by Rania Masri in Texas. "Yesterday, the Obama administration said that the abduction of the Israeli invading soldier by the Palestinian Resistance was a "barbaric act.............."

Checkpoint - Jasiri X
After a tour of Israel and occupied Palestine, Jasiri X stated: "I honestly was not prepared for the level of oppression, discrimination, and racism I witnessed against Palestinians and African refugees. I was also inspired by the resistance to the occupation by the Israeli, Palestinian, and African organizers we met."

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati
Eran talks about his experiences in the IDF. After his colleagues kill a Palestinian boy, he recognises that the screams of the mother are just like the screams of his grandmother undergoing nightmares of Auschwitz. 40 minutes but well worth watching.

All Aboard the Mavi Marmara - David Rovics

Norwegian Surgeon Dr. Mads Gilbert from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza
"I hope the good people in the world can stand up say "enough is enough" now:"

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir'

"this happens to the Palestinians every single day" - Suha Abu Khdeir
Interview with mother of Palestinian-American 15 year old (who goes to school in Tampa, Florida) beaten up by Israeli forces: the only reason you heard about Tarek is because he's American, but "this happens to the Palestinians every single day."

BBC 3 Comedy Sketch The Israeli Embassy's Extension

Freedom for Palestine - OneWorld

Rabbi Cohen Speaking at a Rally for Gaza in Manchester

Noam Chomsky at the UN
Professor Noam Chomsky gives a clear background to the recent Israeli atrocities in Gaza, looking back over the last 10 years. A 30 minute speech, followed by Q and A. Possibly controversial comments about BDS and the '2 state solution.' May start with an advert.
Noam Chomsky at the UN

Amnesty International - Troubled Waters: Palestinians Denied Fair Access to Water


United Methodist Church Divestment