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Newsletter   10 April 2024

Saturday 13 April 12 noon

It has been six months.

Six months of death and destruction which most of us never imagined we would witness in our lifetimes.

Over 33,000 have been killed - of those 14,000 children.

Nothing and no one has been spared this campaign of annihilation.

Today, the bombs are still dropping and with the healthcare system destroyed every injury is a potential death sentence.

The Israeli army has ripped up the rules of war - every civilian is a legitimate target and everything that sustains life is obliterated.

Those who escape a violent death face a slow and torturous one from starvation.

Now Israel has set a date to invade Rafah, the so-called 'safe' zone where they instructed Palestinians to flee to and where 1.5 million starving and terrorized people now shelter in tents.

If this goes ahead as planned, the horrors we have witnessed so far in this genocide may soon be eclipsed by mass slaughter in Rafah.

All this is only possible because the West allows it, because countries like the UK are still arming Israel, because companies like General Dynamics supply the weapons and arms for the genocide.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We must come together to raise up our voices.

We cannot sit back and be passive bystanders in this genocide. We need everyone.

Join us this Saturday on our community-led march through Hastings, cosponsored by a host of local civil organizations, to state loudly and clearly: STOP THE GENOCIDE

The march will start at 12 noon at the Clarence Road (TN37 6SD) entrance to Alexandra Park (BUS AND TRAIN INFO BELOW) and take a road route to the Castleham Road General Dynamics site where we will hold a rally with children's activities, speakers, music and food by Yaaze (vegetarian meze plates charged at £3 pp).

If you are unable to make the march please join us for the rally from 1.30pm.

Bring your placards, your voices, your friends, your family, neighbors and everyone you know to raise up our voices and demand an end to the genocide.


Warrior Square Station. The walk to the march start point will take about 13 minutes.

Hastings Station. The following buses run quite frequently: 99, 100, 101. Other buses are: 349 and 1066. Make sure the bus is heading west not east. The bus stop nearest the march start point is close to Caesar's Palace Barbers and St Leonards Methodist Church.

COMING BACK.The 1066 bus goes back directly to Hastings Station; the 20 bus (Old Church Road stop) comes back to Hastings Station via London Road/Warrior Square Station.

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