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Newsletter   28 May 2021
Books for Gaza. Collection point in Hastings

During the recent bombing of Gaza, the Israeli military destroyed the Samir Mansour bookshop (see left) which housed the largest collection of English literature in Gaza. Article in the Independent.

Hundreds of young people in Gaza said the bookshop changed their lives, allowing an escape from reality. They say the bookshop gave them "dreams, new friends, amazing memories and a new life."

The book store is going to be re-built from donations.
But they need large numbers of books for the store.

We have become a drop-off point for the book collection organised by 'Books For Gaza.'

Please donate both new and good quality second-hand books, of all genres, both fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.

If you are donating second-hand books feel free to write a note in them, for example about why you enjoyed the book or an inspirational note for the reader.

If you wish, you could also put your email address in, so that the reader in Gaza can contact you to discuss the literature and create a vital new connection for you both.

Saturday's information stalls. Collection Point
12 until 2. Near Debenhams. Please deliver books this and next weekend.

MAP (Medical Aid For Palestinians) collection
After last Saturday's demonstration (see below), the total that we've collected since our branch began is £8713. Now everything we collect at our information stalls will go to MAP. Our short term aim is to reach £9,000.

Hasting's Rise Up For Palestine! rally

"I strongly believe that we have reached a tipping point and that this is now an unstoppable movement."

Thanks to everyone who supported last Saturday's march. This resulted in a great event with a terrific atmosphere and spirit on display. This was part of a huge number of events throughout the UK and the world in support of the Palestinians. In the UK alone there have been more than 100 protests during the past 2 weeks.

On Saturday we had a number of speeches, talking about Israeli apartheid and the crime of persecution, and ways in which we can all take part in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign.

We paid tribute to all those who were killed by Israeli airstrikes over the past two weeks by reading out the names of some of the youngest victims, one (Qusai Sameh Fawwaz al-Qawlaq) as young as six months old.

We also collected £536.65 for Medical Aid for Palestinians which is on the ground right now in Gaza helping hospitals and health professionals respond to the crisis.

The quote above is from an article about the event in the Hastings Independent. It referred to the indomitable spirit of the Palestinians: "Many of us have been inspired by their courage, their strength and resilience......" Please pick up a copy or two of the paper the next time you're in Hastings (pass it on to your neighbours!). The online version is here: Hastings Independent.

What's wrong with the media?

Useful article by the MediaLens crew. "Recent media coverage of Israel and Palestine, not least by BBC News, has been full of the usual deceptive propaganda tropes..." They criticise the dishonesty of the 'False Equivalence Between Occupier And Occupied.' MediaLens article.

Israel-Palestine: British media coverage

Another article that pinpoints bias in the media with its "unbalanced language and framing in UK press and broadcasts." Middle East Eye.

As Gaza cease-fire holds, a resurgent Palestinian youth movement emerges

Article showing that Palestinian youth are making their voices heard in Israel, the Palestinian territories, and across the world showing "their struggle for rights and freedoms is starting to gain momentum." "The true power of our generation and this uprising is bringing all Palestinians together to say 'enough is enough.'" Article by Taylor Luck and Fatima Abdulkarim.

Gaza assault - a disaster for Israel, while Palestine solidarity is revived

The video lasts for 44 minutes, but worthwhile viewing. Professor Norman Finkelstein gives the background to the recent Israeli attacks. 'Has Hamas the right to send rockets?' Published before last week's ceasefire, interview by Aaron Maté of the Grayzone. Norman Finkelstein.

The British military hardware used in Israel's bombardment of Gaza

"Manufacturers boast that 'the fingerprints of British ingenuity' can be found on warplanes dropping bombs." Article in the Independent..

Boycotts and sanctions helped rid South Africa of apartheid - is Israel next in line?

Article by Chris McGreal in the Guardian.

Nai Barghouti

Latest from musician Nai Barghouti: Raj'een.

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