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Newsletter   20 September 2017                                          
Local Jewish Activist Speaks On Israel and Palestine
Report back from the recent Jewish Delegation to the Sumud Freedom Camp, Hebron

Saturday 30 September 14.00 / 2 PM
Central Hall, 5a Bank Buildings, Station Road, Hastings TN34 1NG

Our speaker, a local member of 'Jews for Justice for Palestinians,' will talk of her experiences working at the Freedom Camp. Located at Sarura in the South Hebron Hills.
The people of Sarura know too well what Israeli occupation means - house demolitions, evictions, beatings by the Israeli army, settler violence (including poisoning of livestock and wells), no water, no electricity - and surrounded by the growing number of illegal settlements.

Also, the Hastings première of the film "100 Balfour Road" An 11 minute film about the Balfour declaration and what it has meant for the Palestinian people. Film review.

National March and Rally - Justice Now.
Saturday 4 November 2017
Assemble 12 noon Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, London.
For the past 100 years Palestinian rights have been disregarded. As we approach the centenary of the Balfour Declaration - on the 2nd November - which built the path for their dispossession, we are demanding justice and equal rights for Palestinians now. More information.

"Gaza in Crisis"

10 years of Israel's siege of Gaza. 3 years since Israel's assault on Gaza.

We have been supporting the PSC campaign calling for the immediate lifting of the blockade of Gaza - at our weekly information stall and through our Facebook posts. Thanks to everyone who has visited the stall and supported the campaign.

The online petition is here: Gaza in Crisis: A Political Choice, Not a Natural Disaster.

An open letter on the crisis facing the people of Gaza.

Meeting with Tom Suárez, author of "State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel."

This book traces the founding of Israel, based mainly on declassified documents in the National Archives. We hope to announce shortly a meeting date in November. Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won.

Israel in crisis.

2 recent articles suggestioning that not all is well with Israel: As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
US Study: Israel's approval rating among all Americans dropped 14 points. Even the pro-Israel group behind the survey admitted: "the more the study participants knew about Israel, the less favorably they felt about the country." Article here.

News from and about the occupation:

Israeli army shoot 13 year boy in both legs and attempt to recruit him as an informer

Israeli court orders al-Araqib residents to pay costs of Israel demolishing their village

Yakov Rabkin's devastating critique of Zionism: it is opposed to Jewish tradition and liberalism

Israeli forces detain 880 Palestinians, including 144 children, in July

Report: Israel killed 3,000 Palestinian children since 2000

Jewish settlers burn Palestinian farms in Nablus

The Conflict In Syria Was Always Israel's War

The Netherlands wants Israel to return Dutch solar panels seized from Palestinians

Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights

Israel must give up its worst-kept secret: the bomb

Jonathan Cook: Netanyahu alarms Umm al-Fahm with talk of population swap

Police raid al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem

Balfour's Shameful Legacy

Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time

Activists disrupt entry of Israeli weapons to London arms fair

Gaza radio station gives a voice to refugees, women

The Reasons for Netanyahu's Panic by Alastair Crooke

The level of antisemitism in Britain has been exposed. But it's not what you might think

My sister has just spent 110 days in Israeli prison for refusing to serve in the IDF - and I'm so proud

EU removes video featuring Israeli genocide advocate

When Israel's friends in Labour advocated genocide

Jonathan Cook: ex-NYT journalist accepts that Israel is apartheid

Solidarity with David Sheen

The Cult of the Zionists - An Historical Enigma By Thomas Suárez

Robert Fisk: Nikki Haley, Israel and Lebanon: When Ignorance is Not Bliss

UK "anti-terror" spies snoop on Palestine solidarity activists

Power to the People: Why Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem is a Pivotal Moment

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) news

South Africa marks 12 years of BDS successes

Video (from 2015): introduction to the BDS movement

Saturday information stalls in Hastings

We run the information stall every Saturday 12.00 'til 14.00 (2 pm) in Hastings Town Centre opposite Lloyds Bank.

Please come along to say hello and support us. You don't have to come every week or stay for two hours but any time is appreciated.

Hastings PSC Membership.
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