Peace Camp for Palestine
Stop Arms to Israel from Hastings

Date: 29th June to 1st July
Location: Telford Road, Hastings TN38 9NJ

Join us for a 48 hour Peace Camp outside our own local arms manufacturers, General 'Genocide' Dynamics.

On the last weekend before the election we will be demanding that our politicians put an end to Britain's complicity in genocide and stop companies like General Dynamics from arming Israel.

The camp will be open for people to come at any time to attend talks, workshops or performances from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Monday.

We are asking people who plan to stay overnight to please sign up for a 'ticket' for Saturday night and/or Sunday night so that we can ensure we have enough food, tents and facilities to provide for everyone. Please book in advance on eventbrite to help us plan.

Free food will be served on Saturday and Sunday evening at 6.30pm - with priority for those who have booked to stay. There will be a portaloo and basic water and tea-making facilities throughout the day, and we have a number of spare tents for people to stay in with cardboard matting. You will need to bring your own lunch, snacks and sleeping bag, and anything else you need to be comfortable such as a camping chair and sleeping mat.

Join the whatsapp chat to keep up to date or contact people directly at the camp over the weekend.

Full schedule:


12 noon to 6pm Banner / poster making Drop-in workshop

12 noon to 6pm - Children's art space co-ordinated by Hastings Parents for Palestine, with activities based on symbols of Palestine - sunbird, cactus, watermelon

1 pm to 2 pm - Palestinian resistance and international solidarity - Palestinian activists and a student from the Sussex University Gaza encampment

2 pm to 5 pm Principles of Non-violent Direct Action - Workshop with Mima Bone from XR

4.30 pm to 5.30 pm: Know your rights: protests, boycotts, freedom of speech, direct action Q&A with protest lawyer

6.30 pm Food

6 pm to 9 pm Music - including Allie K Stewart 6 pm and Jude Montague 8 pm and others.


10 am to 6 pm - Children's art space co-ordinated by Hastings Parents for Palestine, with activities based on symbols of Palestine - sunbird, cactus, watermelon

10 am to 1 pm - Lino cutting and printing Drop in workshop with artist Emily Johns. Bring your own t-shirts or bags to print on and use Emily's beautiful designs or learn how to make your own (plan to be there for at least an hour if you want to design and cut your own lino print)

10 am to 11 am - Poetry workshop with Jennifer Bell. The workshop will last an hour but longer if you want to stay on for a while! We shall look at poetry as a weapon of protest and resistance and a tool for peace, by considering a few poems relevant to the current situation in Palestine. Then, if you want to, you'll have the chance to write your own poem to display to the camp (or not!!). Adults and children welcome. Please bring a pen or pencil and maybe some colours - everything else provided.

11 am to 12 noon - Media Propaganda about Gaza - Milan Rai (editor of Peace News). 'The mainstream media has effectively supported the Israeli attack on Gaza in the way it's framed the conflict (for example, accepting without question the 'self-defence' justification) and in the way it has treated the party political debate (for example, not challenging Labour's dishonest twisting of 'immediate humanitarian ceasefire' to mean just 'brief pause in Israel's campaign'). Milan Rai is the author of Chomsky's Politics (Verso, 1993) and will be applying Chomsky's Propaganda Model of the media to recent coverage.'

1 pm - 2 pm - Can we vote for Gaza on July 4th? - Speaker from the Muslim Greens and Phil Colley, Workers Party candidate in Hastings

3 pm to 4 pm - Myths of Israel: 'The most moral army' and 'the only democracy in the middle east' - Tom Andrews, who has documented settler violence during the olive harvest in the West Bank; Jasmine Rushby, a trade union and LGBT activist; Teresa Thornhill, lawyer and author of 'Making Women Talk: The Interrogation of Palestinian Women Security Detainees.'

4 pm to 5 pm 'As a Jew...' Personal Reflections on Israel/Palestine by members of Hastings Jews for Justice

5 pm to 6 pm The Global Arms Trade - Anna Stavrianakis, author of 'Taking Aim at the Arms Trade: NGOS, Global Civil Society and the World Military Order' and Andrea Needham from the ploughshares movement and author of 'The Hammer Blow: How 10 Women Disarmed a War Plane.'

6.30 pm Food

6 pm to 9 pm Music: Sam Brown


8 am Protest Rally with speeches from local campaigners.

Frequently asked questions

I don't have a tent or a sleeping bag - can I still camp?
If you want to join the camp we can lend you any equipment you need. Please contact us directly.

Can I get arrested for joining the camp?
No! Police are fully informed of our plans for this protest camp and will be liaising with camp organisers over the weekend to ensure it is safe. We are not breaching any laws by holding our protest camp on public land in front of General Dynamics.

Will it be safe to camp on the side of the road?
We will be camping on the large grass verge not on the road. We will ensure there are a minimum number of people camping both nights and people will be awake on a rota throughout the night to ensure we respond quickly if there is any attempt to disrupt the camp.