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Newsletter   25 November 2022
Update: COME DINE FOR PALESTINE Saturday 26 November 7pm

We had sold out 2 weeks ago, but thanks to some last minute returns we have 6 tickets available. So here's your chance to enjoy amazing vegetarian Palestinian cuisine accompanied by live music featuring the oud - and support the people of Al-Mawasi, Gaza at the same time. You can find information about how to buy tickets along with online raffle tickets, bus times and car parking here:



No information stall this Saturday 26 November

Barclays - Don't Bank On Apartheid
Saturday 3rd December 12 noon - 2pm
Barclays Bank, Queens Road, TN34 1QP

Demand the bank stop investing in arms companies supplying Israel with weapons used to assault Palestinians.
Barclays has more than £1 billion invested in companies supplying weapons and military technology to Israel. This includes investments in Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit which makes the militarised drones that are used to target and kill civilians in Gaza.

Join us at Barclays along with Hastings and St Leonards Extinction Rebellion and Hastings CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade). More information to follow.

Filmshow: 'Boycott'
Wednesday 14 December 7pm
The Pig, 37 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JP

'Boycott' traces the impact of state legislation in the USA designed to penalize individuals and companies that support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement.

'Boycott' examines the wave of anti-BDS legislation in 33 of the 50 states in the USA, using the stories of three US activists and the attempts to silence them.

The implications for UK Palestine solidarity campaigners are clear - especially in view of the government's anti-BDS legislation, and other plans to limit the right to protest. More information to follow.

Mahmoud Al-Sadi

17-year-old Mahmoud Al-Sadi was shot and murdered by the Israeli army on Monday while he was on his way to school. Mahmoud was part of The Freedom Theatre of Jenin, a trainer for its Child and Youth Program.

We have a special respect and love for the Freedom Theatre - we hosted its production of 'The Siege' in Hastings in 2015.

The Freedom Theatre published this statement: "Mahmoud was part of The Freedom Theatre family. A skilled and passionate trainer for our Child and Youth Program, he brought his unique character to this work, bringing hope and a new way of seeing the world to young people. Mahmoud had a promising future ahead of him, and we were excited to see where his work in theatre would lead him.

We are in shock at his murder, in a situation that is all too familiar. As another family from Jenin Refugee Camp buries their child, we are left to ask again, when will these crimes end?"
Palestinian Child Killed and 4 Civilians Injured.

West Bank: October was deadliest month in 'deadliest year' for Palestinians

Israeli forces and settlers have killed 130 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2022 so far. According to Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP), at least 28 Palestinian children have been shot and killed by Israeli forces or settlers in the West Bank since the start of year.

An additional 49 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip during a three-day Israeli bombardment in August, including 17 children, the youngest of which was four-year-old Jamil Nijm. October was deadliest month.

Do I believe in violence?
Mohammed El-Kurd is from Jerusalem and co-founder of the Save Sheikh Jarrah movement. He refuses to be forced to justify his people's right to resist Israeli occupation, especially to those who sanction the violence enacted on them. He refers to western 'journalists' who 'are not only unconcerned with the root cause for our rebellions, having stared down the barrel for over seven decades, they are also more often than not unfazed by the violence inflicted on us.'
Do I believe in violence?

Palestine's new freedom fighters
In this article, Asa Winstanley shows how 'this generation is putting the political divisions of the past behind them,' through the unity of different armed groups. He makes the point that 'the right of occupied peoples to resist military occupation using armed self-defence is enshrined in international law.' There are numerous international laws, probably the clearest being the 1982 resolution of the United Nations 37/43 and the 1990 UN General Assembly Resolution 45/130 Section 2.       Palestine's new freedom fighters.

Hebron: Thousands of marching Israeli settlers leave trail of destruction

As part of the increase in attacks by illegal settlers against Palestinians, last Friday settlers, protected by soldiers, marched through Hebron's old city market overturning stalls and hurling rocks as well as abuse along the way. They also smashed the doors of two mosques and damaged vehicles. They left a number of Palestinians wounded. Shopkeepers stated that some settlers carried weapons, but did not use them. Israeli soldiers, who had arrived on the scene after some time, attacked Palestinians who stood up to settlers. Israeli settlers leave trail of destruction.
Settlers release boars into Palestinian villages.

Israel's armaments company Elbit has produced miniature drones that can enter buildings

Elbit has produced miniature drones that can enter buildings and can both spy and carry out targeted killings. These miniature drones are launched from a mother ship drone. Clearly intended to be used against the Palestinian population. But if that's not bad enough - an enthusiastic customer of Elbit is the British Ministry of Defence. So they could be used against us. Haaretz: Israels Elbit Sytems Unveiled Micro-suicide Drone.

How Israel's Gaza blockade separates mothers from their premature babies

Gaza's struggling hospitals refer premature birth operations to Jerusalem. There, Palestinian mothers are separated from their babies under Israel's permit rules. "Seeing babies crying without their mothers around was beyond sad and devastating." Article here.

Statistics on Demolitions: 1947 - 2022

A comprehensive list compiled by the ICAHD/Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. This shows that since 1947 Israel has demolished approximately 118,000 Palestinians buildings. Note the 1,540 punitive demolitions - and the 2,000 punitive demolitions by the British 1936-39. Statistics on Demolitions.

Changing Attitudes towards Zionism among American Jews

There has been a sea change in the attitudes of Jews, especially young Jews - in the west towards Zionism and Israel in the last few years. This is an article investigating the history of this change. An Interview with Zachary Lockman.

Remembering Fatima Bernawi

"Bernawi was renowned as a symbol of Palestinian women's participation and the participation of Palestinians of African descent in the armed struggle and the Palestinian prisoners' movement." Article here.

A Member of UK Lawyers for Israel Provides "Expert Opinion" to Support a Teacher Sanctioned for Antisemitism

This is the strange case of the pro-Israel teacher who posted antisemitic remarks on Facebook to "bait" and "expose" Palestine solidarity activists as racist. (It didn't work!). The case got even stranger....Article here.

UN report: Apartheid label doesn't go far enough

This report shows that while designating Israel as an apartheid state is useful, it misses the fundamental issue, that is, the establishment of settler-colonialism. Article here.

Kafr Qasim, 1956 Israel's Army Massacres Its Own Peaceful Citizens

It is 66 years since the little known Kafr Qasim massacre. "The Kafr Qasim massacre differs from other massacres that Israel committed against the Palestinian people since 1948: the scene of the crime was a Palestinian village within the state's territory, and the victims were peaceful civilians who were also Israeli citizens." Article here.

For Palestinians, Netanyahu's victory is merely a changing of the prison guards

Western commentators have focussed on the racist, homophobic, ultra-nationalist nature of the winners in the recent elections. But Yara Hawari writes: "....at the end of the day, Palestinians don't want different prison guards. They want to break free of the prison." Article here.
Jeff Halper/ICAHD writes on the Israeli elections.

Jury of the European Drama Prize in Germany has withdrawn a Lifetime Achievement Award from Caryl Churchill

The jury of the European Drama Prize in Germany has withdrawn a Lifetime Achievement Award from renowned British playwright Caryl Churchill over her support for Palestinian rights. More than 170 actors, writers and producers have accused the jury of the 2022 European Drama Prize in Germany of "modern-day McCarthyism." Artists for Palestine UK (APUK) statement.

Unauthorized Disclosure: Asa Winstanley on Bombshell 'Labour Files'

Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola interview Asa Winstanley who examines the recently released 'Labour Files,' discussing the manner in which Labour Party officials manufactured an "antisemitism crisis" and weaponized the issue to purge the party of supporters of Palestine, particularly Jewish members who oppose Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. Interesting comments on the role of Owen Jones and Aaron Bastani. Video here.

Jury acquits five Palestine Action activists

The case was the first trial involving members of the direct action group Palestine Action to be heard in the crown court. Palestine Action has played a major role in closing down Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit factories in the UK, sometimes for one or more days, and in the case of the Oldham factory, permanently. Despite some bizarre statements by the prosecution which included the claim that the five were "armed" with buckets, the jury acquitted the five activists. Jury acquits five Palestine Action activists. More information about Palestine Action.

More news:

Israeli forces kill Palestinian 15-year-old girl the day before her birthday: Article here.

Inside the military-settler siege of Nablus: Article here.

British Palestinians condemn sacking of student union president Shaima Dallali: Article here.

Celtic fans show support for the lions of Nablus, Palestine: Article here.

Secret document reveals Israel lobby's dominance of Labour: Article here.

Football legend Eric Cantona posts picture in support of Palestinian refugee team: Article here.

The Most Beautiful Arabian Horses are Palestinian: Article here.

Palestinian Embroidery - A Rich and Diverse National Heritage: Article here.

Five Centuries of Jerusalem Soup: Article here.

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