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Newsletter   1 August 2022
Palestine On The Pier 2022
Sunday 4 September. 12 until 6pm

This year we're taking over the whole pier with a full programme of entertainment and activities. The main stage will feature:

  • Palestinian viola player Samer Rashed with his band
  • Catwalk show of heritage thobes flown in from Ramallah
  • The Hawiyya Dance Company will be performing a brand new show
  • Jamal and Alaa will once again perform on the oud and percussion

    There will be numerous other attractions - like 'tatreez' embroidery workshops at the Nest over the course of the weekend, an art exhibition at the Big Yin gallery and banner making ahead of the event at Art in the Park. For more information see our website and Facebook event page. Please share widely. We also hope that you can share our promotional video.

    The Fundraiser

    We have been determined to make this a free entry event. So we are raising funds to pay for the expenses. If you can donate, that will be great. Every donation, whatever the size, will make a difference. Also, please share the justgiving page with friends and contacts. Crowdfunder

    Volunteering on the day

    We have lots of jobs available. If you can spare just an hour that will be very helpful. We will need stewards, bucket shakers, models for our thobe catwalk, liaison people, and minders for stalls including the Talking Tent. If you can't come to the zoom meeting just send us a quick email saying when you can volunteer and any preferences for duties.

    Palestine on the Pier Zoom Planning Meeting: Wednesday 3 August - 6pm

    We hope that as many people as possible can join the next POTP meeting.


    Meeting ID: 826 5586 4158     Passcode: 266674


    St Leonards Festival

    Thanks to everyone who visited us and to those who helped out at our stall. The festival is always a very busy event with six hours of non-stop visitors with a great response from the public.
    A short video we made.

    Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi
    Garden Full of Cultural Delights

    Sunday 7 August 1pm - 5pm St Leonards Gardens, Maze Hill TN38 0HQ
    Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi will have a stall at the event, organised by the Hastings and Rother Interfaith Forum. Please come and say hello. More information.

    Twinning towns with Al Mawasi, Gaza

    Article in the Hastings Online Times setting out our plan to build a connection between two coastal fishing towns: one here in Hastings and one in Gaza. Article here.

    Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Intensifies

    Israel to complete the encirclement of East Jerusalem

    Israel is advancing plans to build a new illegal settlement in an area known as E1. This will divide East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank and will split the northern West Bank cities - Nablus, Jenin etc - from Hebron, Bethlehem and Jericho. This is a link to the Balfour Project's email your MP.

    One of the biggest Israeli land heists in the West Bank

    Israeli forces have seized land around the colonial settlement of Shilo which belongs to the villages of Qaruyout, Jalud, Turmusayya and al-Mughayyir, all located between the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Nablus. This is regarded as "one of the biggest land heists north of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank to expand illegal settlements in the area, according to a local official." Article here.

    Classified document reveals IDF 'firing zones' built to give land to settlers

    An excuse that Israel regularly uses for ethnically cleansing Palestinians is that the land is to be used for "military firing zones." While this has never been credible it has now been revealed that the decision behind this deceit has been found in classified documents from 1979. The creation of "military firing zones" in the occupied West Bank is a mechanism for transferring land to the illegal settlements. Approximately 17 percent of the West Bank has been designated for various "military firing zones." Presently, "thousands of Palestinians in Masafer Yatta, the greater South Hebron Hills, and the Jordan Valley are currently under direct threat of expulsion after their land had been declared military firing zones." Article here.

    Masafer Yatta: Forced Displacement Violates International Law

    After visiting communities in Masafer Yatta, diplomats say forced displacement violates international law. Article here.

    Call on the UK Government to recognise Israel's System of Apartheid

    Official government petition calling on the UK government to review UK foreign policy towards Israel based on the overwhelming evidence that Israel is implementing a system of apartheid against Palestinians. Petition here.

    Israeli murders continue

    Amjad Nashaat Abu Alia (pictured left), aged 16, was shot dead by Israeli forces in the West Bank village of al-Mughayyir last Friday. It isn't clear whether the perpetrators were Israeli military or illegal settlers who are allowed to carry weapons. Article here.

    Rafiq Riyad Ghannam, aged 20, stepped out of his house in Jaba, south of Jenin when Israeli soldiers shot him with two live rounds. The Israeli military took him away without allowing Palestinian medics to approach him. Article here.

    Hussein Hasan Qawareeq, aged 60, was shot by the Israeli military last week. Hussein died of his wounds three days after being shot near Nablus. Article here.

    Treatment of Jewish Palestine solidarity supporters by Labour Party "brutal" and "unjust"

    While the witch hunt carried out by the Labour Party against supporters of Palestinian rights is well known, it's important to highlight its treatment of Jewish members. JVL/Jewish Voice for Labour "were 35 times more likely to face investigations than other members of the party." This article mentions Labour's disgraceful treatment of the late Michael Howard who was also a member of the local PSC. The party still hasn't issued an acknowledgement of his appeal or an apology. Jewish Labour members slam lack of justice.

    The fight to end Ahmad Manasra's solitary confinement

    When Manasra was sentenced aged 13, he was coerced into confessions by Israeli military and interrogation officers at gun point.He has been held in solitary confinement by Israeli Prison Services since October 2021, when his mental health began to further deteriorate.
    Article here.

    Cruelty against Gaza patients enabled by US and EU

    Since Israel's siege of Gaza in 2007, nearly 850 patients died while waiting for a permit to travel outside of Gaza for life-saving treatment. Article here.

    South Africa says Israel should be labelled 'apartheid state'

    South African minister Naledi Pandor said, "The Palestinian narrative evokes experiences of South Africa's own history of racial segregation and oppression" and called for the classification of Israel as an apartheid state. Article here.

    Information stalls

    We now have a range of keffiyehs from Hirbawi in Hebron, Palestinian flag umbrellas and a supply of T-shirts. In addition of course we have pamphlets, leaflets and publications about Palestine and apartheid Israel, also Free Palestine badges and Boycott Apartheid stickers. Sometimes we even have music! Please pay us a visit. We're always happy to have members and supporters to visit or stay and help. Every Saturday 12.00 noon until 2 pm (weather permitting) in the town centre near Millets.

    More news:

    Taking on the "charities" that fund Israel's settlers: Article here.

    Miko Peled: A History Of Israeli Destruction Of The Two State Settlement: Article here.

    UK court dismisses challenge to government schools guidance on Palestine: Article here.

    Confession without consequence - Israeli society's moral decay: Article here.

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