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Hastings and Rye Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Newsletter   7 October 2021
  In this newsletter we have - - -
  • Campaign to twin Hastings with Al-Mawasi in Gaza.
  • Information stalls in Hastings.
  • The climate movement and Palestine.
  • Jeremy Corbyn visits our information stall.
  • Former State Department aide: "Israel will be gone in 20 years."
  • Professor David Miller sacked by Bristol University.
  • New resource to help in the fight against the IHRA 'definition.'

    Campaign to Twin Hastings with Al-Mawasi in Gaza
    Online meeting: Sunday October 17 2021 09:00am London time
    We hope that as many people as possible will get involved with this campaign. Please join our online meeting:


    At this public zoom meeting we will have speakers from Al-Mawasi who will talk about the history of their region, their culture, and their efforts to look after the educational, health and welfare needs of their own community under Israeli occupation and blockade.
    We have also invited Julie Pearn, who is part of organising the twinning between Sheffield and Nablus. The meeting will take place at 9am because the community has electricity cuts and internet connection problems later in the day.

    Like Hastings, Al-Mawasi is a coastal community. We hope to build links based on some of our common experiences as well as exchanging ideas and knowledge from our different cultures. Could we share resources or skills about our fishing, education, crafts, art, healthcare or languages?

    Please share our Facebook event page. More information on our website.

    Information stalls

    Our weekly information stalls are held every Saturday 12 to 2 in the Hastings town centre near Millets (weather permitting). Please note that there will be NO stall on Saturday 23 October.

    Boycott Puma Day of Action

    Thanks to everyone who visited our stall opposite Sports Direct (18 September). There were over 25 protests on high streets across the country against Puma's sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association which operates in illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

    "Why the Climate Movement Must Support the Palestinian Cause"

    Article showing that while Israel commits environmental crimes against the Palestinians, it consistently attempts to portray itself as an environmentally aware nation - a process known as "greenwashing."

    The author claims that western environmental activists have been ignoring the concerns of the Global South for too long. Article here.

    Image right: A Palestinian farmer stands next to destroyed olive trees, near the West Bank village of Turmus Aya, north of Ramallah, on 22 October 2018.

    The Ragged Trousered Troubadours

    'The Ragged Trousered Troubadours' truck paid a visit to Hastings recently with an afternoon of music, poetry, comedy and speeches. We were kept up to date about the campaign for a real pay rise for NHS staff; and heard of the struggle by local railway workers against attacks on their working conditions.
    We set up our stall, and had lots of interest - including a visit from Jeremy Corbyn.

    "Israel will be 'gone' in 20 years" says former State Department aide

    Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. In an interview in March he stated that:
  • Israel won't exist as a state in 20 years because it is delegitimizing itself as an apartheid state.
  • Israel is a "strategic liability of the first order" for the United States.
  • The U.S. ought to tell Israel now to "change swiftly" or it will cease to fund and protect Israel, but the U.S. will not do so.

    A report of the interview is at the Mondoweiss website. The full interview with the Massachusetts Peace Action.

    Professor David Miller sacked by Bristol University after campaign by Israel lobby

    Professor David Miller is regarded as a leading authority on lobbying, Islamophobia, political corruption and "concentrations of power in society." His work has included extensive research into the Israel lobby. He has said that he will be appeal against the sacking and will be "fighting it all the way."
    This article by Asa Winstanley gives a useful background to the campaign against David Miller Professor David Miller fired after Israel lobby smear campaign.
    The Support David Miller Campaign website: Click here.

    This Sunday's online meeting (see right) includes speakers Professor David Miller, Lowkey, Professor Moshé Machover, Steve Salaita and Dr Ghada Karmi. The link for registration is here.

    Reject the IHRA definition of antisemitism

    "Adoption of the definition has led to the suppression of advocacy for Palestinian rights."
    New website set up providing resources to help in the fight against the IHRA 'definition.' It includes sections on 'who opposes the IHRA definition,' 'understanding antisemitism' and the Jerusalem Declaration. No to the IHRA Definition

    Labour Party Conference: condemns the ongoing Nakba (catastrophe) in Palestine, calls for sanctions against Israel over the 'crime of apartheid'

    The passing of this motion marks the first time a major British political party has endorsed the United Nations' definition of Israel as an apartheid state. The motion also called for a ban on "any arms trade used to violate Palestinian human rights." Labour's shadow foreign minister Lisa Nandy repudiated the motion, telling the Jewish News that "We cannot support this motion." Labour conference votes for sanctions against Israel.

    Elbit's Instro Precision factory closed down in Sandwich, Kent

    Palestine Action activists occupied part of the Instro Precision site at the Discovery Park in Sandwich. Instro manufactures weapon sights for infantry and heavy artillery, such as the XACT th64 sights - which have been sold in quantities of thousands to the Israeli military. It is believed that they are fitted in the sniper rifles used at the Gaza fence to fire on demonstrators.
    Palestine Action activists occupy part of Instro Precision site.    Palestine Action press release.

    A few years ago local PSC members joined the picket outside the Instro factorry and were able to close the operation down for the day.

    What Does "From the River to the Sea" Really Mean?

    Yousef Munayyer writes explaining the meaning behind the slogan. Article here.

    More news:

    Ramzy Baroud One Man as a Whole Generation: The Unfinished War of Zakaria Zubeidi: Article here.

    Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar released from Israeli prison after serving two years: Article here.

    Breaking an Israeli taboo: The religious settler who became a peace activist: Article here.

    'We will overcome:' Jenin's rebellious history as told by its elders: Article here.

    Poll: 80% of Palestinians call for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign: Article here.

    Gaza's only grand piano finds new future at music school: Article here.

    Reinstatement of Dr. Azarova's Job Offer at University of Toronto: Article here.

    Ilan Pappé: Britain Is Ensuring The Death Of A Palestinian State: Article here.

    Spoons become a new symbol of Palestinian resistance: Article here.

    Animal suffering from Israel's May assault both tragic and costly: Article here.

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