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Newsletter   11 June 2021
Sign Our Giant Letter To Sally-Ann Hart
Saturday June 12 Hastings Town Centre outside Debenhams 12pm-2pm

Come along on Saturday to sign our giant letter to Sally-Ann Hart demanding
  • sanctions and
  • an arms embargo on Israel

    Over 385,000 signed a petition demanding action on Israel last month, prompting a Parliamentary debate scheduled for Monday 14 June. It's time we told our elected MP Sally-Ann Hart that enough is enough and we can no longer tolerate British support for Israeli war crimes.

    So we've decided to go big this time. REALLY BIG.

    Come along on Saturday to put your name to our gigantic letter and take your message to the heart of government.

    If you can't make Saturday, this is an online petition that can be used:
    Write to your MP: STOP ARMING ISRAEL. This is the online petition demanding sanctions.

    Bexhill and Battle. Not forgetting that there are 2 MPs in the area. Email MP Huw Merriman at huw.merriman.mp@parliament.uk

    Books for Gaza

    Thanks to everyone who left books to help restock Samir Mansour's English-literature bookshop, destroyed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. We now have more than 1500 new and good quality second hand books shortly to be picked up by the organisers.

    Sorting them into boxes, we have encountered modern bestsellers, laugh out loud comedies, brilliant works of children's fiction, Booker Prize winners, beautifully illustrated picture collections, classic literature, compendiums, dictionaries, memoirs, history books - you name it, it's here.
    For more information about this campaign: Gaza Book Project.

    Former British minister: 'The Israelis think they control the Foreign Office. And they do!'

    The diaries of former foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan show the level of Israeli influence amounts to 'entrenched espionage' and means 'our own national interest is being taken for a sucker,' according to Duncan. Declassified UK article.

    Hands Up Project

    We're always happy to promote the wonderful Hands Up Project. This video was released for World Environment Day. It features (at 2 minutes 15 seconds) a play called 'Welcome to Earth' by Gazan schoolgirls. Two of the actresses Ghazal and Yara performed at our MAP benefit last November. Later on there's even a section about Blossom the Spiney Mouse!
    Video: World Environment day.

    This is an example of remote theatre. Palestinian children are the pioneers of remote theatre as it's a performance medium born from years of Israeli siege and blockade. If you think you can link up any school group with Gazan children, please contact Hands Up. Link ups can also be between families. Hands Up Project.

    Who's hiding behind civilians?

    Norman Finkelstein copies this article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. While the corporate media is full of accusations of the Palestinian resistance hiding behind civilians 'this excuse contains not only untruth and demagoguery but also chutzpah of the highest order. The following is a partial list of the hiding places of Israel's leaders, both political and military.'
    A Breath of Fresh Air!

    Another BDS Victory: Lothian Pension Fund divests from Bank Hapoalim

    The Lothian Pension is the last of the Scottish local authority pension funds to have investments in Bank Hapoalim, a company listed on the UN's database of business enterprises involved in Israel's illegal settlement economy. The East Sussex Pension Fund divested from Bank Hapoalim earlier this year. Lothian Pension Fund divests.

    What about the rockets?

    Ali Abunimah gives the background to the rise of Hamas and looks at its current political and military programmes.
    It's time to change liberal discourse about Hamas.

    What are the real reasons behind the US media and state institutions' apparent pro-Israel bias?

    Al Jazeera article giving the history of the pro-Israel lobby in the US showing that the power of the Israeli lobby is linked to how its interests tie in with overall US strategy in the Middle East. Absolving empire in Palestine.

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Gaza

    Article and photos of the recent PFLP rally which is considered the largest of its kind in Gaza in many years. Socialists of Gaza Take Center Stage.

    Two-state myth crumbling

    Article by David Hearst showing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority's leadership with a new generation of Palestinians powering this change.
    The natural order of occupation is coming to an end.

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