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Newsletter   26 July 2019

The biggest demolition act in occupied Jerusalem since 1967

Israel demolished 16 residential buildings containing 100 apartments in Wadi al-Hummus area in Sur Bahir. The buildings were demolished by a combination of bulldozers and controlled explosions.

Video: Israel's mass demolition of Jerusalem homes a "war crime."

12 Palestinians, 4 British nationals hospitalized after being beaten by Israeli forces in Sur Bahir

The Israeli military attacked residents and foreign activists who had barricaded themselves inside the buildings. They were kicked down flights of stairs, and were "stamped on, dragged by the hair, strangled with a scarf and pepper sprayed by Israeli border police."      "Sadistic display of violence."

Palestinian structures demolished by Israel since 1967: 49,400   Source


Benefit for MAP/Medical Aid for Palestinians
Come Dine For Palestine

Saturday 14 September 19:00-22:00

Concordia Hall, Church Road, St Leonards, Hastings TN37 6HB.

Here's the chance to taste authentic Palestinian cuisine at a local event and raise funds for MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) in the process. In addition, there will be live musical entertainment throughout the evening.

More information, and details about how to buy tickets at our website: Come Dine For Palestine.
Facebook event.

2 Information stalls this weekend.

Saturday 27 July. Hastings Old Town (by the chess board in George Street), 12.00 - 14.00 (2pm).
Saturday 27 July. Rye. On the cobbles at the top of Conduit Hill, where it meets the High Street. 11.00 - 13.00 (1 pm).

Saturday 3 August. Hastings town centre outside Debenhams, 12.00 - 14.00 (2pm).
Saturday 10 August. Hastings Old Town (by the chess board in George Street) 12.00 until 14.00 (2pm).
Saturday 10 August. Rye. On the cobbles at the top of Conduit Hill, where it meets the High Street. 11.00 - 13.00 (1 pm).
Saturday 17 August. Hastings town centre outside Debenhams, 12.00 - 14.00 (2pm).


PSC Director Ben Jamal at Rye meeting


St Leonards Festival

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at this year's St Leonards Festival. It was non stop for 7 hours! Incredible amount of support for Palestine.

We had a stack of the petition: 'end the mistreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention' which soon ran out. There's definitely a huge groundswell of popular opinion for Palestinian justice.


Hastings and Rye PSC online membership

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2 Israeli arms manufacturers closed down

Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit had 2 of its UK factories closed down. One in Oldham, one in Sandwich. Elbit produces militarised drones responsible for hundreds of deaths in Gaza. Elbit works closely with the Israeli military to develop increasingly lethal weapons, which are then tested on Palestinians and sold as 'battle-tested' to governments around the world, including the British government.
Activists shut down UK-based Israeli arms factories.


Apartheid Free Zones declared in Italy

Italian organisations have joined similar Apartheid Free Zone campaigns in Belgium, Norway and Spain.
More Than 100 Commercial, Cultural and Sporting Activities in Italy Declare Themselves Free of Israeli Apartheid.

Unite boycotts Hewlett-Packard products

The UK's second largest union has joined the campaign against HP. HP is complicit in Israel's occupation with its systems used by the Israeli army, police and navy. It provides the database for Israel's population registry, the very instrument that enforces apartheid and racial segregation upon Palestinians. It also provides computers to the Israeli army.
Unite, UK's second largest union, will #BoycottHP.

Pro-Israel group given free rein on Panorama

We don't say much about the manufactured 'anti-semitic' campaign - we're more interested in supporting Palestinians' rights and promoting BDS. But the Panorama programme was as brazen as it can be - promoting the pro-Israel group JLM and other pro-Israel individuals.

The Panorama programme - a compilation of critical comments

Gideon Levy at the London PalExpo

Gideon Levy gives a clear exposition of the One State solution. He has worked for the Haaretz newspaper since 1982, covering the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

Video: 'One State: The Future.'

Israel's campaign against the Palestine solidarity movement

Annual spending by Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs on 'de-legitimisation' reached £10m in 2017. The Ministry has been taking measures to obscure the use of its 'Act.IL' campaign, claiming it to be a grassroots "student initiative."
Inside Israel's million dollar troll army.
Mossad role in Israel's war against BDS confirmed.
How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter.

PSC quarterly online newsletter.

The first issue:
PSC July 2019 newsletter.

News from the occupation:

Israeli military shoot 10-year old in the head using live ammunition.

Israeli Forces Detained A Child For Nearly A Year Without Charge.

Israel bans Gaza football team from playing Palestine Cup final.

Palestinian FA postpones cup final after Israel denies travel.

Jonathan Cook: Entry ban at Israeli city park provokes apartheid warnings

Don't wait for Israeli archives to prove what Palestinians already know.

Ben White: "Anti-Zionism...has taken hold in an engaged core group of younger people, including many of their generation's best and brightest, who will remain influential beyond their numbers for many years to come:" Get ready for the new wave: Young, passionately Jewish - and anti-Zionist.

Benny Morris reveals more about the Israeli conspiracy to cover-up the Nakba.

Poof! One day in occupation causes young Jews on Zionist tour to question Zionism - 'NYT' reports.

Jonathan Cook How Evangelical Christians risk setting the Middle East on fire.

Under pressure from Zionists, church cancels Palestinian youth event.

Revealed: UK police spy who infiltrated Palestine solidarity.


BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) news

Letter of European trade unions calling for a trade ban with Israeli settlements

Peter Gabriel And Boots Riley Signed A Petition Over Open Source Festival Disinviting Talib Kweli.

Human Rights Supporters and Sports Fans Join #BoycottPuma Global Day of Action (includes photo from Hastings).

French Insurer AXA Complicit in Israel's War Crimes.

Public Services unions from across Europe call on European governments to suspend arms trade with Israel.


Saturday information stalls - in Hastings and Rye.

We've run weekly information stalls in Hastings (either opposite Lloyds Bank, outside Debenhams or in The Old Town) every Saturday 12.00 'til 14.00 (2 pm) since 2014. See latest details above.

We run fortnightly stalls on the cobbles at the top of Conduit Hill, where it meets the High Street. 11 - 1 pm. For anyone in the Rye area who wants to help out, please email.

Please come along to either (or both!) of our stalls to say hello and support us: any amount of time is appreciated.

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