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Newsletter   21 November 2017
Public meeting:
"State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel."
A talk by Tom Suárez

Saturday 25 November 14.00 / 2 PM
White Rock Hotel (opposite pier), Hastings TN34 1JU.

Free admission. Free refreshments.

Tom Suárez sheds new light on the origins of the state of Israel in his book "State of Terror - How Terrorism Created Modern Israel." He does this largely by mining previously neglected declassified documents from the British National Archives, covering the period between the Balfour Declaration (1917) and the Suez Crisis (1956).

A review of "State of Terror" by Dr. David Gerald Fincham.

300 Palestinians in Jordan Valley threatened with expulsion.

Israeli Army prepares to demolish hundreds of Palestinian homes in Northern Jordan Valley. Article here.
Israel continues its expansion into Palestinian lands - since 1967 Israel has moved between 500,000 and 600,000 of its citizens into settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, in violation of international law.

Nick Cave plays in Israel.

Open letter to Nick Cave: "Don't go - not while apartheid remains."
As Cave plays and celebrates his "artistic freedom," Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour enters the 769th day of her detention. A response to Nick Cave: Silencing of whose voice?

Thousands march for justice on Balfour centenary.
Demonstrators staged a rally to the UK parliament in London to demand the British government apologize for the controversial Balfour Declaration that led to the creation of Israel. This was an opportunity for the people of Britain to demand that British complicity in the dispossession of the Palestinian people must end. Speakers included Dr Mustafa Barghouti, film director Ken Loach and Mick Whelan, General Secretary ASLEF. It was good to see Hastings PSC members taking part. Article here.

Texas town says no hurricane aid if you boycott Israel.

Incredible story of the town of Dickinson enforcing a Texas law that requires any state contractor, apparently including disaster relief recipients, to certify that they are not participating in boycotts of Israel. Texas City Declares No Harvey Relief Unless Applicants Promise Not To Boycott Israel.
Thankfully, the local council has backtracked, according to jpost.com.

The Priti Patel scandal and the corrupting influence of the Israeli lobby.

This Jonathan Cook article about the Priti Patel affair and the powerful Israel lobby in the UK. At one point, Patel was escorted by the Israeli army to the Golan Heights, occupied Syrian territory, where she was shown an Israeli military field hospital that patches up al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters, wounded in the war against Syria. "Afterwards, Patel pressed for the Israeli army, one of the most powerful in the world, to receive a chunk of Britain's overseas aid. Meanwhile, she has sought to cut aid to the Palestinians, including to vital projects in Gaza." Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light.
Electronic Intifada article: UK minister Priti Patel secretly urged aid for al-Qaida via Israel.

News from and about the occupation:

Video: Banksy demanding an apology for 100 years of British support for Israel.

Israel doing nothing to stop attacks on churches and mosques.

Israeli Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay: Settlements represent the 'beautiful face of Zionism'

Scottish police thwarted Palestinian activists' right to protest in peace.

Syrians in Golan Heights accuse Israel of aiding Al Nusra Front.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) news

Air Canada ends contract with Israeli arms firm.

UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages.'

Saturday information stalls in Hastings

We run the information stall every Saturday 12.00 'til 14.00 (2 pm) in Hastings Town Centre opposite Lloyds Bank.

Please come along to say hello and support us. You don't have to come every week or stay for two hours but any time is appreciated.

Hastings PSC Membership.
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