Hastings Demonstration against Israel's Massacre in Gaza

Politicians have been making excuses for their inaction against Israel's onslaught and massacre in Gaza. But people in Hastings took action and joined the world-wide opposition to Israel's campaign of terror against Gaza. Israel is increasingly seen as a rogue state - targeting schools, hospitals, mosques and churches.

The march started at the Pier and made its way to the Town Hall. With less than 2 days to organise this action, the response from local people was quite overwhelming.

People joined the demonstration along the way, increasing our numbers by the time it arrived at the Town Hall. Palestine Solidarity Campaign members gave out leaflets to passers-by explaining the aims of the march, which included the demands: "End the arms trade with Israel" and "Sanctions Now." Several hundred signatures were added to the petition: "End the bombing, End the killing, support international law."

At the Town Hall there were speeches by the organisers - Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Hastings against War, East Sussex Islamic Association, Women's Voice and Hastings Intercultural Organisation. A statement by Sarah Owen, local prospective Labour candidate, was read out. Amber Rudd, local MP, was invited to the demonstration, but did not reply.

The names of the children murdered by Israel (numbering 185 at the time) were read out. It's essential to remember that these children have names, they had a future, a life to lead - until the Israeli war machine murdered them.

Speakers denounced the multi-million pound arms trade between the UK and Israel, demanding that it be ended. Reference was also made to the extent of US military aid to Israel, which amounts to $8.5 million a day. Speakers pointed out the importance of the movement to boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) as something we need to get involved with. Just as the boycott movement helped finish off apartheid South Africa, the BDS movement will play an important part in finishing off apartheid Israel.

It was excellent to see the local community uniting in its opposition to Israel's war crimes.This unity is sure to continue.


Amongst the coverage in the local media is the Hastings Independent front page article (left). People who were there will argue that the number quoted attending the march is a big underestimation. Thanks to the Hastings Independent for permission to copy. The full-sized article is here.

"Hastings Peace Rally in Support of Gaza, Palestine" photo display in the Hastings Observer.

The leaflet promoting the demonstration is here.