Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi

Fundraising Walk & Cycle      Saturday 26 March

Solidarity Walk - Starting at Glyne Gap 12 noon

Solidarity Cycle - 3 Stages starting from Lewes / Eastbourne / Bexhill
Finishing at 2pm The Stade, Hastings Old Town

We will be taking part in a fundraising cycle and walk to the Stade in Hastings old Town. We are raising money for the Safe Space community centre in Al-Mawasi in Gaza run by the local Committee for Enhancement of Community Resilience.

Walkers will start from Glyne Gap at 12noon and walk 4.5 miles to the Stade for 2pm - this is the distance those on the outskirts of Al-Mawasi have to walk to reach the 'Safe Space' community centre to access the community clinics and classes that take place there.

Cyclists will start at Lewes and cycle 40 miles via Easbourne and Bexhill to the Stade - 40 miles is the length of the wall which Israel have built surrounding Gaza, blockading people in Al-Mawasi, and everywhere else in Gaza, from getting out or from getting basic supplies in.

We will walk and cycle in Palestinian colours to show our solidarity and we'll try to raise awareness as well as raising money by handing out leaflets along the route.

Sign up to walk or cycle however far you able - and download a sponsorship form to collect money from friends and family for your efforts!

If you can't take part but want to support you can also please make a donation:

Hastings-Gaza Language Link

We have started online classes and conversations with students of all ages in Al-Mawasi who are learning English. If you want to find a way to offer practical solidarity and build friendship links with people in Gaza then why not volunteer to get involved?

It is 17 years since Israel began its blockade of Gaza, stopping people and goods from getting in or out, and turning Gaza into an open air prison for 2 million Palestinians. The internet provides a lifeline to connect to the rest of the world but the electricity supply is unreliable and all kinds of basic equipment are restricted.

We are raising money to buy laptops and other equipment for the 'Safe Space' Community Centre in Al-Mawasi, to provide more opportunities for education and entertainment as well as international friendship and solidarity. All donations will go to the 'Committee for Enhancement of Community Resilience in Al-Mawasi.'
Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi

A group called 'Hastings Friends of Al-Mawasi' has been set up to develop links between Hastings and the Palestinian town of Al-Mawasi in Gaza.

We held an online meeting in October 2021 where members of the Resilience Committee in Al-Mawasi gave us a presentation about the history of their region and about how they have organised to survive under Israeli occupation, such as building their own community centre for vital education, training and medical services.

The video of that meeting is available here.

Petition to call on Hastings Borough Council to formally twin Hastings with Al-Mawasi

We are now looking to organise fundraising events to support these community projects. We have also launched a petition to call on Hastings Borough Council to formally twin Hastings with Al-Mawasi which would be a strong public message of solidarity with this embattled community, as well as helping us develop more cultural, business and educational links between our two towns. Sign and share the petition here.

If you would like to get involved in twinning activities such as fundraising, skill sharing, or taking part in exchange visits, please get in touch by email hastingsalmawasi@gmail.com or go to our facebook page.