Asa Winstanley talks about his new book: How Labour's anti-Semitism crisis was manufactured

Saturday 9 September 2023

White Rock Hotel, Hastings TN34 1JU

Huge thanks to Asa Winstanley for his fascinating presentation on his book Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn.

Asa's investigative work for The Electronic Intifada covering the manufactured crisis in the British Labour Party has been vital in countering the bogus mainstream narrative over the past eight years.

He laid out in clear, meticulous detail the roots of the campaign to falsify allegations of anti-Semitism and how various actors came together to smear the former Labour leader and his allies.

The British establishment, media, the right wing of the party, its bureaucracy, the Israel Lobby and Israel itself formed an 'ad hoc alliance' to stop Corbyn winning power 'by almost any means necessary.'

Asa's book represents the culmination of years of work but almost didn't happen as Asa approached 46 agents and publishers in the UK before finding a publisher.

'I nearly gave up,' he admitted. Thankfully, he found a publisher in Or Books, a small independent based in New York and since its launch, the book has sold well.

Asa told the packed meeting: 'I've been quite overwhelmed with support for the book.'

'I see the positive responses as a kind of grassroots uprising against the enforced loss of our history.'

Asa Winstanley at Hastings with chair of the meeting Katy.
As one of the only reporters among UK journalists covering the inner workings of the Israel Lobby and its tactics, Asa said his position could be a lonely one at times.

'It was difficult, but what sustained me through it all was the fact that my allies and my sources were not government sources, they weren't MI5, they weren't the Labour Party elites... it was the people. It was the grassroots of the Labour Party.

'I make that acknowledgement in the book; it was people at the grassroots of this insurgency within the British opposition party to create some kind of real change we all need, those were just the normal people that kept me going.'

If you missed the meeting but wish to order your copy visit OR Books