If any of us (who don't speak Arabic of course) from Hastings can manage to say just a few things in Arabic it could open the gates to a Arabic / English language exchange.

Some examples:

Salaam Alaykum        Hello

Sabaah Al khar        Good morning

Kayfa Haal kum?        How are you (all) doing?

Hamdu dillah        Alright

Maa ism -ak?        What are you called (man)?

Ism i Ian        Ian

Maa ism -ik?        What are you called (woman)?

Ism i Grace        Grace

Min ayna anta Bill?        Where are you from Bill?

Ana min Scotland        Scotland

Min ayna antik Grace?        Where are you from Grace?

Ani min Ireland        Ireland

Ayenda sitta achfad        I've got 6 grandchildren

Ayna moallam fi madresa        I'm a school teacher

Iyanni, ayna KUNTU moallem madresa.        I WAS a school teacher

Qamese aswad, ahmar.        My shirt is black, red.

Saco aswad, asfar        My hair is black, yellow