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Newsletter   4 November 2020

Fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

Last year we raised £1,000 through our Come Dine For Palestine event. This year we're organising an online raffle - the draw will be on Sunday 22 November, 7pm, with a live link up to Gaza for musical entertainment from talented young Palestinian musicians courtesy of PalMusic. MAP's Community and Events Fundraising Officer Zahra Yassine will say a few words.

We have some amazing prizes donated by generous local businesses and individuals.

List of prizes and how to buy tickets: Information here.

This is our Facebook events page. Please share widely on social media.

Please lend your support if you can. Tickets start at just £2 and our musical draw should be a fun, uplifting way to pass a locked-down winter's night.

One of the musicians we plan to have on our live link up is vocalist Najlaa Hmeed from Gaza. She is part of the Edward Said Conservatory of Music. Najlaa performed with a group of child musicians from Gaza in the UK 4 years ago. This was organised by the Brighton and Hove PSC. The branch struggled for months to get the young musicians out of Gaza. Here is their performance in Brighton.


Future activities

  • Due to the November lockdown, our fortnightly information stalls in the town centre have been postponed.
  • National day of action: Saturday November 28. Stop Annexation, End Apartheid, Sanctions Now. Details to follow of an online alternative.


    More than 700 Palestinians were made homeless in the first nine months of this year
    The number of Palestinians made homeless by Israeli demolitions hits four-year high despite the pandemic. At least 741 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem were made homeless between January and 30 September this year because of demolitions. Article here.

    Israel records highest rate of illegal settlement approvals
    The Israeli government announced that it has approved construction of nearly 5,000 more settlement homes in the occupied Palestinian territory. On at least six occasions since 1979, the United Nations Security Council has said that the Israeli settlements are a "flagrant violation under international law" and have "no legal validity." "As the Israeli settlements continue to devour the land that is meant for the independent Palestinian state, the international community observes, it sometimes objects, but it does not act." Article here.

    The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) October newsletter: Click here.

    Letter: We can't ignore JCB role in West Bank outrages: Click here.

    NSPCC accepts millions from JCB. Petition: Tell the NSPCC to stop accepting dirty money! Click here.

    Israeli conscientious objector Hallel Rabin begins 25-day sentence in military prison

    This is Hallel's third period of imprisonment. She wrote in her statement of refusal earlier this year: "People in power institute a policy of occupation and oppression of an entire nation."

    In an interview Hallel said: "The fact that we are occupying territories, there is a siege on Gaza, and shocking discrimination has reinforced my decision not to take part in this. Because the military is subject to a policy that oppresses, discriminates, conquers, and oppresses a people."

    Article here.

    Israeli settlers pump their sewage into Palestinian Farmland

    Settlers have flooded Palestinian-owned land with sewage and wastewater. "If they continue pumping the sewage to the olive trees, all the trees will die, and we will lose our main source of income."

    How Israel turned the West Bank into a sewage dump for its settlements.

    Robert Fisk

    Writer and journalist Robert Fisk has died at the age of 74.

    He had received many British and international journalism awards, including the Press Awards Foreign Reporter of the Year seven times.

    John Pilger wrote of him: "He went against the grain and told the truth, spectacularly. Journalism has lost the bravest."

    Living in Beirut from 1976, he was highly regarded for his knowledge of, and deep experience in, the region. He would report from the front line of conflicts and often dismissed journalists who sat behind desks instead of venturing out into the field.

    In 1982, he was one of the first journalists at the Sabra and Shatila camp in Beirut, where Phalangist militia slaughtered several thousand Palestinian refugees, facilitated by the Israeli military. He reported on the Israeli massacre of Lebanese civilians at Qana in 1996.

    He had covered the Lebanon wars, the Iran-Iraq war, the Algerian civil war, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the wars against Afghanistan, the US/UK invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war against Syria.

    He became and remained a critic of Western foreign policy in the Middle East and repeatedly accused Israel of committing war crimes against the Palestinians. He said journalism must "challenge authority, especially so when governments and politicians take us to war."

    30 years after the Sabra and Chatila refugee camp massacres, Robert Fisk revisited "the killing fields:" The forgotten massacre.

    News from and about the occupation:

    After 100 days, Palestinian hunger striker (Maher al-Akhras) 'can collapse at any moment.'

    Hollywood Star Mark Ruffalo Calls out Israel's Apartheid.

    Robert A. H. Cohen: Dear Vice Chancellor, don't let Gavin Williamson bully you into adopting IHRA.

    Ilan Pappé: Israel's Peace Process Was Always a Road To Nowhere.

    Ben White: Israeli settlers' racism is not an aberration. It's part of an apartheid system.

    The enduring power of Rachel Corrie the play, "My Name Is Rachel Corrie."

    European Hypocrisy: Empty Words for Palestine, Deadly Weapons for Israel.

    Israel to Prevent Artist Mohammed Assaf from Visiting Palestine.


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