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Newsletter   3 July 2020

Call out: Global Day of Action Against Annexation

Saturday 4 July 12.00 outside Debenhams, Hastings

The Israeli government has made its intentions clear. Starting in July it plans to annex large swathes of the illegally occupied West Bank, declaring the territory an integral part of Israel proper. This act will be the culmination of years of land theft, displacement of Palestinians, and illegal settlement of occupied Palestinian land. International outrage has so far prevented any Israeli attempts to annex the West Bank but we need to keep the pressure on.

Please bring placards and banners. So far just over 20 actions have been planned in the UK alone. On Saturday we need to ensure that we keep to all social distancing guidelines.

On Wednesday there was a call out by Palestinian organisations for a (social media) day of action. Below are 2 photos we took - outside Landgate Arch, Rye and by Hastings Town Hall. There's been a great response on Facebook so far. Hope to do better on Saturday.


Belgium calls for sanctions against Israel if it annexes West Bank Link.
UN Rights Chief: Israel's West Bank Annexation Plans are Illegal
Palestinians are fighting to dismantle apartheid, not just annexation
Jewish Studies scholars: 'We reject apartheid, annexation, and occupation'

Call on East Sussex Pension Fund to divest from all companies complicit in Israel's abuses of Palestinian Human Rights

East Sussex County Council has approximately £132,085,000 invested in 64 companies complicit in Israel's war crimes. Last week we made a
call-out for our members and contacts to send a question about these companies to the next meeting of the East Sussex County Council - calling on the council to divest. There was a great response. So now the campaign has got off the ground. To start with we are targetting 5 companies - Bank Hapoalim, Paz Oil Company, Israel Discount Bank, Bezeq and Elbit, the armaments and militarised drone manufacturer. The first 4 are on the United Nations list of companies involved in Israel's illegal settlement economy. If anyone wants to work with us on this campaign, please get in touch.

Israeli training of US police forces

There seems to be some confusion among the UK political classes about Israeli training of US police forces, and the methods used.

Israeli police national spokesman Micky Rosenfield: "There is no procedure that allows an officer of the Israel police dept. to carry out an arrest by placing a knee on the neck of a suspect." Of course not! Here are a few links which show that Micky Rosenfield might not be the most honest person to listen to.

This article includes information about Israeli forces training US police forces in the use of Krav Maga: Israeli 'Kneel on Neck' and Minneapolis.

"What can be said for certain is that the Israelification of American law enforcement has intensified police fear and hostility towards the civilian population, blurring the lines between protesters, criminals, and terrorists." Max Blumenthal:
From Occupation to "Occupy:" The Israelification of American domestic security.

Article by Ahmed Masoud. Ahmed grew up in Gaza, now lives and works in London. He gave us a talk in Hastings a few years ago.
Let's Measure the Exact Angle: A Palestinian Perspective on the Maxine Peake controversy.

News from and about the occupation:

Ahmad Erekat: Soon to be groom, executed on his sister's wedding day.

Norman Finkelstein: "If there were an Academy award or an Oscar for Best Traumatic Performance by a Nation State, Israel would win hands down every year - there wouldn't even be competition." Video: Israel will pretend that illegal annexation is a compromise.

96 years ago, the Zionist leadership assassinated Jacob Israël de Haan. Link.

Casualties: Palestinians killed in conflict-related incidents. "at least 36 per cent of the injuries were of children." Link.

Why an Arab-Israeli diplomat's assault is no surprise. Link.

Craig Murray: Truly Shameful BBC Israeli Propaganda. Link.

Excluding the Occupied Territories Bill is 'a betrayal of Ireland's most basic ethical and legal obligations.' Link.

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